At the end of the week, Bitcoin quotes returned to the minimum values of the current month, while the risks of further decline to March lows near $ 38.5 thousand per coin still remain. The problem is that there is still no serious news in the cryptocurrency industry on the market, while in general the situation in the markets remains extremely tense. These are concerns about a recession in the European economy against the background of military actions, and a reduction in the Fed’s incentives. Now, in general, it is extremely difficult to try to predict how events will develop even in the short term, which is why there is no demand for risky assets.

At the same time, another reputational blow was inflicted on the reputation of centralized trading platforms.

Investors had previously been well aware that their personal data could be transferred by the exchange at the request of regulators, as a result of which no one was particularly surprised by the news that the largest crypto exchange Binance transferred data on customers who donated money to Navalny, Rosfinmonitoring. Nevertheless, market participants clearly began to look with more hope towards decentralized platforms, which are still far behind centralized counterparts in terms of transaction speed and cost.

Also last week, it was reported that Binance will stop working with Russians whose deposit exceeds $ 10,000 and is generally ready to leave the country if Western regulators so wish. Especially investors were hooked by the words of representatives of the exchange that it “takes a leading role in the implementation of all sanctions”, inserted clearly in order to butter up the supervisory authorities of the United States and the EU. In other words, the need for true decentralization is now more urgent than ever.